Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitty of Past and Kitty of Present

I might as well keep with all the other cat posts of today! I too am a "crazy cat lady" even though I only have two. :) My hubby and I are both cat people, so that's nice. We both had dogs and cats growing up, but he left for the Navy for 6 years and when he came back he was deathly allergic to dogs. So, we'll probably always just have cats, even though I really love all animals.

This was Daisy. She was my fire point Persian. She was very sweet, and a scardy cat of most things.

She loved to be brushed and whenever I'd lay down, she'd run over to "spoon".

We went to a baseball game, and this was a picture I took of Daisy wearing the ice cream hat bowl that we got:

And here she is in my house in San Diego:

A few months ago I noticed she had started peeing in random spots in the house. I thought this was very weird behavior since she had never done that before. She's always been litter box trained. Then I started to notice that she wasn't eating her cat food and seemed a lot more lethargic than normal. By the time I had really begun to notice there was a problem (maybe two weeks of this going on) I made an appointment with the vet. The day of her vet appointment, I woke up, came out to the kitchen to prepare bottles and I noticed her curled up in a corner. I said "Hi, Daisy", and she usually would look up at me when I spoke to her but she didn't. So I walked over to her to pet her head and instantly knew. She had passed. She looked so peaceful, just like she was sleeping. I sat on the floor by her and cried. I felt awful. I felt like I hadn't taken her to the vet soon enough. I felt like I should've known it was as bad as it was. I felt like I hadn't given her as much attention as I should have since the babies came. I was riddled with guilt. Even as I type this now, my heart still aches for her. I'm just glad she went quickly and she didn't seem like she was in any pain there at the end.
I'll miss her forever. She was only 10.

On a happier note, this is Zoey, our Bombay that we rescued in Washington when we lived there. She's 5 years old. She is very sweet and doesn't meow, but does a sort of "chirp" sound. She is a total lap cat, and loves to drink water out of the sink faucet. Typical of Bombays, (they love to be hot) she also loves to bury herself deep under covers to sleep. This used to scare me to death when she was kitten, I was worried she wasn't getting enough air!

Here was Zoey trying out the new stroller last year:

She loves her red blanket!

Sticking her tongue out at me:


Temperamental Broad said...

I'm so sad that Daisy passed. She was always so sweet. I'm gonna be a wreck when Calvin goes. He's 14 now and still going strong, which is amazing because he was such a sick cat for so many years. He's missing all of his teeth now though. Its kinda cute! I get so attached to my pets that even the thought of them dying makes me cry. And I got teary eyed reading about Daisy. I'm such a dork!!!

July 29, 2010 at 9:46 AM
Rachelle said...

Awww Daisy was a gorgeous little gal. Try not to feel bad sweetie, I am sure her 10 yrs were amazing and it was probably something you could not help. My ex had a cat named Caramel that he got when he was a child and when it started acting similar to Daisy, he took it in and the vet had to open Caramel up to see what was going on. Poor Caramel had tumors everywhere and my ex had to put him to sleep as it was inoperable. It totally broke my ex's heart and I felt awful. The vet bill was outrageous as well. It's horribly sad but you have to focus on the great life your cat lived and how much she was loved. Zoey is a little cutie patootie! I love black cats :) my favorite. They always have the best personalities. I love that she chirps and buries herself in blankets. Too cute!

July 29, 2010 at 10:01 AM
Lady Betty said...

Wow, Daisy was a pretty girl! I just love, love persians! I am so sorry she is gone. I guess it is better she went on her own and in her own home. My Sukki who died from Lymphoma was in an animal hospital and was put to sleep. My husband stayed with her but I couldn't be in the same room. I feel bad for leaving her in last moment's but again, I could not watch her go. One of my in-laws' Maine Coons was sick for a long time and one day she slipped out and we never found her. I know some prefer the closure thing, but a part of me likes to think Puffy Big Tail went off on a big journey.

I always spoil my fur babies because they only live for so long. I want to make each day full of love, cuddles, and treats! My persian gets her own sushi at least once a week! She also loves Red velvet cake (not the icing)! Whenever the husband and I order sushi, Misty gets her own plate. We give her only about a half of a slab of sashimi and when we give her cake, she only gets about a 1/2 of a teaspoon or so. Misty has a place in our bed and follows us all over the house.

July 29, 2010 at 1:17 PM
Tara said...

You ladies made a good point about Daisy, at least I didn't have vet bills through the roof. In fact, since she went that fast I seriously doubt I would've had the money to pay for whatever surgery she needed. It's kind of nice that she passed at home so peacefully. I don't think I would've had the courage to put her down.
Rachelle, I love black cats too! They remind me of my favorite holiday... Halloween. :)
Tara, that's sooo funny about Misty and her fancy dinners! I love that!

July 29, 2010 at 2:55 PM
Tara said...

Holly, I was going to ask if you still had Calvin. Wow, he's going strong! That's cute that he's all gums.
I still remember when your cat Monkey ran away. He was so cute!

July 29, 2010 at 2:55 PM

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