Bunny Cupcakes

Just a quick post to show my bunny cupcakes that I made for Easter.

I love the way they turned out!!

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Butterfly Hair Clips

I love the Dollar Tree! I always find the cutest stuff there.

Most of you know that I make little girls hair bows and flowers as a hobby. Well, when I saw these packets of sheer butterflies at the Dollar Tree, the first thing I thought was what a cute hair clip that would make! Especially for Easter!

This project is super easy. All you need is: Hot glue gun, wire cutters, hair clips or bobby pin, ruler, hair ribbon (if you want the clip lined), and a lighter.

The first thing I did was use my wire cutters (purchased from Hobby Lobby) to cut off the wire on the back of the butterfly. I started with one of the big butterflies.

For the bigger butterflies, I used a larger alligator clip. Since the butterfly is accented with silver, I don't think you necessarily have to line the silver hair clip, but if you want a more finished look, then go ahead and line it.

So after I cut off the wire on the back of the butterfly, I set it to the side and get an alligator clip. To line the clip, I cut 4.25" ribbon (3/8"). Once your ribbon is cut, heat seal both ends, put hot glue on the tip, slide the clip on, put glue the rest of the ribbon, and wrap the ribbon around the clip. I like to partially line my clips because it stays on better in my opinion.

After I have the clip ready, I hold it to the back of the butterfly to decide how exactly I want it placed. For the lined clip, I slanted it slightly to the way I usually put clips in my daughter's hair. Once I found the placement I liked, I put hot glue in the center of the back of the butterfly and held to clip to it for about 5-10 seconds. Make sure the flat part of the clip is facing out so that it's the part that lays against the head.

Voila!! An adorable butterfly hair clip! This is the bigger one. The smaller one also looks super cute.

I also made one using just a craft bobby pin:

Add glue, apply pressure and hold for about 5-10 seconds.

Lastly, I put a smaller one on a french barrette:

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