New (Old) Purses!

I was browsing the antique mall when I came upon these purses. I knew they were going to be pricey, but I asked to look at them anyway. I drool over purses, especially Dorset-Rex. Purrrrrrrrr.

So the first one is this little pink straw purse. The lady said the top part is lucite, but I have my suspicions. Still it's adorable and in really good condition. The inside pink satin looks great. No tag, just says made in Italy. The price said $55 firm. I asked her if the price was negotiable, and she said "Well seems like your lucky day. This is my booth and I wasn't even going to come in today. So I guess you can make me an offer." I knew I wanted to look at the other purses and then offer her something for all the ones I wanted.

The next is this Dorset-Rex. The price said $125. It's in good condition, the inside has some age spots though, like mold spots or something. Still the outside looks great, no scratches on the top.

And lastly, another Dorset-Rex. It's price was $85. Good condition, except one minor scratch on the lid. However, the whole lining is coming undone. Pretty easy to fix though.

So all three of these was $265. I offered her $150 (I knew it was ridiculously low, but I thought I'd give it a try) and she came back at $175! I think that's a great deal for these three! :):):)

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My Wish List

It's a new day, and although I'm still sad about Zeus (the breeder is giving our money back, by the way) it's time to move ahead and think about things that make me happy. Things I want! :)

The shoes are soooo cute and they are on sale like half off at Kohl's!

I also LOVE these shoes but they're a bit too pricey for my liking. That's why this is my "wish" list. They're sold out anyway. Pinup Girl Clothing:

I'm not a fan of repro, but this sailor dress is SO cute! This is also from pinup girl clothing:

I desperately need some coasters and I just haven't gotten any yet. I was thinking maybe about these:

I saw these cupcake pajamas on 30 Rock when Liz wears them and I though they were so cute:

And they also sell cherry ones!!

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. :)

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What a Terrible Day :(

I noticed the past couple of days that Zeus has been really lethargic. I called the vet and asked if I should bring him in. They said to give him some wet food with his dry food and see if he eats more and keep watch of him. So I bought wet food and sure enough he was eating it and drinking water. But he we still just soooo lethargic and walking funny. He was hardly meowing and just seemed like depressed or something. So this morning, I found him laying against the wall in a weird position and I thought, that doesn't look right. So I picked him up and he started having a seizure. :(
I called my mom and she came over to watch the babies and I took off to the vet, no makeup, hair not done, nothing. I barely remembered to change out of my pajamas.
The doctor said he was critical and that he's become hypoglycemic. Basically he was freezing. His body temp was 94 degrees (should be close to 100), and his glucose level wouldn't even show on their machine it was so low. They had him on hot water bottles and were giving him sugar water. He was starting to come around and then just like that, he was gone.
I feel horrible. This is the second cat I've lost in a year. I only had Zeus two weeks, but I grow attached to animals really fast.
The doctor said that he was not 2 months old like the breeder said, but that he was closer to 5 weeks and had possibly not been weaned from his mother yet. :( But she said even so, he should've been fine eating kitten chow. She thinks there was definitely more of a problem, possibly with his liver or the way he processes sugar.
I'm so sad. He was such a sweet kitty and I wish he didn't have to go.
Ugh, I just can't believe it!
And to top it all off, come to find out the breeder we got him from is not registered. So he's basically breeding illegally. We're going to see if we can report him to animal humane.
Sorry to be such a debbie downer. :(

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