Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

We have been VERY busy this week. Nathan took this week and next as vacation, and his brother is in town so we have been going 100 mph to different events. It's been so fun!
A quick recap on the past two days: Yesterday morning we made sugar cookies at Nathan's aunt's house with the babies (Lyla LOVED it and London just wanted to be left alone with his toys). Last night I cooked a Christmas Eve Eve dinner which consisted of Tater Tot Casserole, corn, organic spinach salad, and french wine. It was delicious!
This afternoon we went to a Christmas Eve service at our church. Lyla had a great time in the childcare, but London was screaming his face off when we came to pick him up. :( I think being in childcare is just something he'll get used to over time.
Tonight we are going to Nathan's family's Christmas Eve dinner of pizza and posole. Tomorrow my family is coming over bright and early to exchange gifts, and then we are having brunch and exchanging gifts with Nathan's family. Then there is a Christmas dinner tomorrow night at Nathan's mom's house.
I'll actually be really sad when Christmas is over! But on the 28th is my sister-in-law's birthday which will be really fun. Then on the 29th, I have MY BIRTHDAY!! It's going to rock this year! We're having a big party at my sister's house. Complete with a fondue dinner and dessert, followed by dancing to Just Dance on the Wii. That game is SO fun! I can't wait!
Then of course there's New Years! We're going to this bash at the Q Bar that should be really awesome. I have a sexy purple dress I've been waiting to have a use for, so out of the closet it comes! Plus, my mother-in-law offered to stay the night with the babies! Yay for a night off! :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

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My New Favorite Foundation

My mom is a genius when it comes to finding amazing makeup. And she's always giving me new things to try. She recently gave me L'Oreal's Visible Lift Serum Absolute Foundation (whew that's a mouthful). It's ~$12-$15. This foundation is awesome! I think it's probably meant for older women that have more visible or deeper lines and wrinkles. But I have fine lines around my mouth and eyes that I hate, and this foundation really smooths out the lines to make them so much less visible. It also gives full coverage, but doesn't look all cakey or heavy so that's really nice. It goes on light and smooth.
I went on L'Oreal's website to look at what other colors they offer because I really loved the foundation, but the one my mom bought me was too dark. They do this customizing thing where you go through a series of questions and at the end it tells you what shade probably works best for you. It told me my shade is Creamy Natural, so I went out and got it and it matches my skin exactly!

I liked the visible lift line so much that I also bought the visible lift under eye base, which is great too. It's $10.

Both products have SPF 20 which is really nice. And necessary for living in the desert!
After I put on the foundation, I set it with powder (another product my mom introduced me to). It's the Airspun translucent face powder. It's been around forever, and it's great for setting foundation. I think this is around $7.

Also, I forgot to mention that before I put on the foundation I prime my face with L'Oreal's Skin Genesis poor minimizing skin re-smoother. It's makes for a nice canvas for the foundation. It's about $20 for a small bottle, but it's worth it!

Now that I've found these products that I love, I'm sure they'll be discontinued any day now. I hate it when that happens! But for now I will enjoy them!

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It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

I am soooooo excited for Christmas this year. I finally had to sit back and actually think why this is, and I figured it out!
Last year during this time I had infant babies and was severely lacking sleep. The year before last I was pregnant with twins and was so nauseous at the site and smell of everything. The year before that (2007) I had so much going on with moving into our new house, changing jobs, and everything else that I felt like a complete wack-a-doodle.
This year, I finally feel like my normal, cheerey, festive self! I can't wait for Christmas! I put up all my decor and even put up the trees (yes, plural) a week before Thanksgiving.
I can't wait for my little twinkies to be excited about their toys on Christmas morning.
It's amazing how much your perspective changes once you have kids. You start seeing the world through their eyes. The eyes of a child. It's magical!
We're taking the twinks to see Santa tomorrow. It'll make for a cute picture, but I have a feeling that they'll cry!
Happy December!

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