Wednesday, September 1, 2010

White Teeth

I get asked all the time how I get my teeth so white, so I figured I'd write a post about it. Even my dentist wants to know my secrets! lol... I had to get a crown and they didn't have a crown white enough for my teeth, so they had to bleach one and then put it on.
I'm not going to lie, I've always had somewhat white teeth ever since I was little, but I have done things more recently to keep them staying ultra white. However, I've never had them professionally whitened. Too much money!
First and foremost, I take care of my teeth. I brush everyday, and floss every other day.

For my toothbrush I use the Crest Spinbrush (pink!).

For toothpaste, I most often use Crest Pro-Health Whitening toothpaste.

Floss, I use anything that glides.

I love these little floss sticks for my purse or diaper bag.

I use Crest Whitestrips Classic about once a month. People seem to think I use these every day or something, but really I only use them once a month at the most. They are kind of pricey, $33 on Amazon, but at the rate I buy them I can swing it. There are later versions of whitestrips, but I know the classic ones work for me, so I don't bother spending even more than I have to. If you have bonding on your teeth like my husband does, than whitestrips will probably not work for you.

So when I put the whitestrips on, I first brush my teeth, and then I put them on and leave them on for about 30-40 minutes. While they are on I can do my makeup, or anything else I need to do. They are pretty comfortable. I can also drink water with them on, but I don't. I'd avoid drinking anything with these on.
If you're using them for the first time, then you'll put them on twice a day for 30 minutes. And I think you'll do that for two weeks, or until you get your desired result.

So that's it. Those are my big secrets, lol.

Whenever I think of really white teeth I always think of that Friend's episode where Ross over-whitened his teeth and they were glowing in the dark. LOL... So funny!


Sal Casley said...

Girl, your pink toothbrush looks very handy! That's one factor that people are looking for in a toothbrush. If one is not comfortable in holding the brush, then he or she has to buy a new one. It's very likely to feel dull while brushing the teeth that way. There should always be fun in brushing the teeth, right? Just like everyone in their childhood days...

--Sal Casley

August 10, 2011 at 2:41 PM
Darrin Husak said...

You have a bright smile, Tara. That much I can tell from your Facebook cover photo. If you just take care of your teeth and maintain them properly, you can get a perfect set of white teeth. Just keep on what you're doing - you're on the right track. =)

Darrin Husak

January 4, 2012 at 10:50 AM

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