Monday, August 5, 2013

Betty Lou - the Pin-Up

I love genealogy, it's one of my favorite pass times. I am very much into my family history and I've done a lot of work on my ancestry tree. The members in my family know how much I love it and have kindly sent me boxes of photos, documents, newspaper articles, year books, locks of hair (!), etc. I've been able to get pretty far on my family tree with a lot of the information I've received.

Some of my favorite photos I've received are these pin-up pictures my grandma (my dad's mom) took for my grandpa who was in WWII. They were the cutest couple, married 64 years (would have been longer if he hadn't passed away in 2006). They were always so in love and very inspiring. Anyway, since I love all things pin-up I just had to share these pictures of my grandma, Betty Lou! The year was 1945, she had just had her first born Johnny, and her husband was in WWII. They were to have two more boys over the years. The youngest is my dad, James.

 Betty Lou with her first born, Johnny.


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